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Charlie Bears
Best Friends Club

If you love Charlie Bears, you'll want to join their Best Friends Club.
Available to both U.K. and non-U.K. members.
You'll find details here and a link (towards the bottom of the page) to Charlie Bears Direct where you can sign up for membership.

Charlie Bear Logo

This year's Club Membership Benefits include:
Best Friends Club Gifts
  • Charlie Bears Magnetic Memo Board with pen
  • Special Edition Charlie Bears 2D lapel Pin
  • Collection of 12 Charlie Bear postcards
  • Charlie Bears Lanyard
  • Charlie Bears Membership Card
  • Access to 5 brand new limited edition Charlie Bears - 2 plush bears, a mohair bear, a minimo rabbit and a mohair mouse keyring, plus a Collectors Edition clock. These are exclusively available to club members during the 2013/2014 club year. (Prices are shown below. Shipping is £3.95 for each bear for U.K. delivery; £12.00 for Europe and £18.00 for each bear for delivery to the rest of the world.)

    Click any picture below for a larger image

    Secret Garden Clock
    Cookie Crumble
    Secret Garden Clock
    12" Square
    Limited to 1000
    Available starting:
    July 2013
    Usual RRP £39.99
    Member Price £29.99
    Cookie Crumble
    13" Mohair Bear
    Limited to 350
    (Sorry, already all reserved)
    Available starting:
    August 2013
    Usual RRP £135.00
    Member Price
    Happy Daze
    Hoppity Hop
    Happy Daze
    19" Plush Bear
    Limited to 600
    Available starting:
    October 2013
    Usual RRP £55.00
    Member Price
    Hoppity Hop
    7" Minimo Rabbit
    Limited to 2000
    Available starting:
    December 2013
    Usual RRP £70.00
    Member Price
    16" Plush Bear
    Limited to 600
    Available starting:
    February 2014
    Usual RRP £45.00
    Member Price
    5" Mohair Keyring
    Limited to 1200
    Available starting:
    April 2014
    Usual RRP £45.00
    Member Price
  • 2 newsletter per year and all Charlie Bears brochures of new collections during the club year
  • Birthday and Christmas cards from the Head Bear
  • Special Promotional offers throughout the club year

The 2013 Membership year runs from
May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014.
The membership fee for U.K. collectors is £10.
The membership fee for International (non-U.K.) collectors is £15.
U.K. members can pay by cheque or credit card, International members by credit card only
through Charlie Bears Direct.

Exchange rates change on a daily basis
but to give you an idea of the membership fee in U.S. dollars,
as of June 30, 2013, £15 = approximately $23.

Ready to join?

Go to Charlie Bears Direct
set up an account (if you haven't already)
and add the Club Membership
to your Shopping Cart.
Make sure you choose the International Membership
if you are not in the U.K.